Boocar - Booking Car Indonesia

Boocar (Booking Car Indonesia) is car rental booking app. Download the Boocar app and get the best car rental deals available on your smartphone! We have teamed up with over 100+ car hire partners in over 50+ citys in Indonesia.

Boocar - Booking Car Indonesia
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Easy Way to Book a Car


We make the Boocar application as simple as possible so you can easily use it to rent a car. Rent a car as simple as pointing a finger


Cheap in the sense of not cheap. Boocar always pampers customers with the best service and provides discounted prices.


Your data will be safe with us. Boocar will not share your personal data with other parties. Your secret is safe with us

Various Cars

Boocar offers various types of cars, from the economy to luxury cars and from small to large ones. Find a car that suits you and make your trip fun with Boocar.

Download and try making a reservation now! and see what cars are available there.

Boocar - Booking Car Indonesia

Do more with our app


Book with ease

We created the Boocar application to make it easier for users to find car rentals.

If in the past you have to need a long enough time to find a car rental place, now to find rental cars for various purposes becomes very easy. Especially to find car rentals in areas of Indonesia. For that Boocar presents an Android-based car rental application. Just using your finger, all car rentals in Indonesia will appear on your smartphone.

In this Boocar application we focus more on the ease of making a rental car booking. Communicate directly with car rental providers from all over Indonesia. And to make the payment is very easy, can be done by bank transfer, gopay or credit card. And which makes it even easier for you to make payments at pick-up. So what are you waiting for, immediately download the application on Google Play with the keyword "Boocar"

Many types of payments

Boocar use a trusted third party (payment gateway).

Boocar provides various types of payments that have been provided by our partners, ranging from bank transfers, debit / credit cards, gopay, alfamart, indomaret, akulaku, tcash and others to make it easier for you to make payments. No doubt our partner has a trusted security system. And it has been widely used by large companies.

And to make it even easier and not to bother you too, you can make payments directly to our Boocar partners at the time of pickup. And please ensure that Boocar's partner has confirmed that your payment has been approved and that you have received a valid proof of payment. If this booking has not been paid, it states there are no transactions in Boocar. And if there is a problem later, we cannot help.


Realtime messaging service

Boocar will always send important information about promos and discounts.

Make sure you don't uninstall the Boocar application after the booking process is complete. Because we will always send important information about the promos and discounts available. You can also access this information on the "Notification" button on the top right of the search bar on the application's main page.

Information about bookings, payments, cancellations, etc. will also be displayed here. If you don't want this notification to appear, you can deactivate it on your phone's settings in the "Notification" section and then look for the Boocar application and deactivate it.

Wait for updated information about Boocar.

Live chat to our partner

Communicate directly with our partners via chat on Boocar application.

Communicate directly with our partners for confirmation, pick-up, price, etc. You can also communicate with the Boocar team directly via chat on the Boocar application if something goes wrong with your booking. Ask well and politely on this Boocar application chat feature. Be wise in using these features.

This chat feature is only active if you have booked. Click on the menu then click "My Booking", and click on the booking you want, then click the "Ask Car Owener" or "Tanya Pemilik Mobil" button. This chat feature will automatically no longer be active if the booking is complete. But you can do chat with the Boocar team anytime. Ask everything about your booking or your application our team will be happy to help.

Boocar - Booking Car Indonesia

Download and Sign In

Download Boocar from Google Play now and register using only your Google account. And start searching for rental cars in Boocar

Download Now!
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    Google Account Signin

    In Boocar you only need a google account to be able to book the car you like. After finding the car you are looking for, our partner will deliver to your pickup location.

  • 2
    Select Your Car

    In the Boocar application there are many choices of cars. Please choose the right one for your trip. You are free to choose which you like.

  • 3
    Enjoy Your Journey

    After all requirements are met you can start your journey anywhere in accordance with the area determined by our Boocar partners.

Boocar - Booking Car Indonesia

What our Customers Says


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to rent a car in Boocar?

You only need an Android-based smartphone to download the Boocar application on Google Play. And a Google account to register.

What payment methods do you accept?

We support payments via bank transfers, gopay, and credit cards. But don't worry you can also make payments at pick-up (Cash on Pickup). By making payments directly to our partners.

How old is it to be able to rent a car?

For most car rental companies, the age requirement is between 20 and 60 years old. If you’re under 20 or over 60, you might have to pay an additional fee.

Can I book for someone else?

Yes, you can book for other people, as long as the data of the car driver / user meets the requirements provided by our partners.

Are all fees included in the rental price?

No, the price listed is only the price of the rental car. Please note any information provided by our partners. For other prices there is clearly stated in the application. And confirm to approve your booking to partners through the Boocar chat feature.

Can I become a Boocar partner?

Yes, you can become a Boocar partner. If you have a car that is rarely used, you should use it to get more income from Boocar.

How do I become a Boocar partner?

The method is very easy. Simply download the "Boocar - Mitra Booking Car Indonesia" application on Google Play. Register on the application and start entering the car that you want to rent.

What are the benefits of being a partner with Boocar?

There are so many benefits that you become a Boocar partner. You don't have to bother taking care of the website, booking system, marketing, and so on. Because in Boocar everything is available to facilitate our partners. Let's grow together with Boocar.

How do I receive the money I have earned?

You don't need to worry. Every customer is free to make payments anywhere. Go directly to the Boocar partner or through the payment system provided by Boocar. If a customer makes a payment through Boocar, we will immediately transfer the payment to you if the entire booking has been confirmed by both parties.

Boocar - Booking Car Indonesia

Download as Customer

If you are a customer who wants to rent a car for your trip, click the button below to download. Use your google account and you are free to choose any car.

*Works on Android Lollipop and above.

Boocar - Booking Car Indonesia

Download as Partner

If you are a car owner who wants to rent out his car in Boocar, please click the button below then register your company and increase your income. Let's earn revenue with Boocar.

*Works on Android Lollipop and above.

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